Monday, February 11, 2013

Second Week at the MTC

Monday, February 11, was the beginning of our four days of intense Office Specialist Training.  We learned about the IMOS program and we were working with the England Leeds Mission information in our training sessions.  It was fun to start seeing the names and faces of the missionaries we will be serving.  David learned about the finances, housing, vehicle, etc.  Sharilyn learned about writing newsletters, making letter templates, writing letters, printing address labels, mail merge, changing missionary contact information, assignments, Global Visa Management, referrals, etc.  On the Tuesday Devotional, Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer spoke about the five C’s of Conversion-Commandments, Commitments, Conversion, Covenants, and Consecration.  Thursday, February 14, was our last day of training.  During our lunch break, we packed and weighed our luggage one more time.  We had 4 large bags weighing 50 lbs. each, two carry-ons weighing about 37 lbs. each and two personal items that weighed about 25 lbs. each.  We were excited that everything was ready to go.  After dinner, Terry and Annette picked us up and took us to the Wilkinson Center were we got to visit the Kathryn, Rachel Kiene, Tate and Tenery Campbell.  We enjoyed visiting with them and catching up on their BYU lives.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day by eating chocolate covered cinnamon bears, a BYU tradition.  We drove to Costco and signed up for a membership, and then Kathryn drove us back to the MTC.  We enjoyed spending time with the Hills and the Blackhams before our mission and we appreciate the many kind acts of service they extended to us while in the MTC.  We appreciate Mary encouraging us use our cell phone in the MTC because it was a lifesaver.

Terry-Annette-Wilsons-Kathryn-Rachel-Tenery & Tate Campbell
Valentine's Day celebration at BYU

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