Thursday, February 14, 2013

Morning Miracle

This morning I had a tender mercy. I finished my taxes and wanted to get them printed and mailed today. I asked Linda, the office lady, if I could use her printer. She graciously agreed and told me that she was in her office 6am-2pm. The only time I could connect with her was early in the morning or during our lunch break. After we eat, we usually have about 30 minutes to work on a project. Today we are finalizing and weighing our suitcases. The plan was that I would get up and not exercise with David, but take my shower and get dressed for the day and go to Linda's office. When I arrived this morning, she wasn't in her office. I plopped down my laptop and went searching for in the hallway and storage rooms. She was nowhere to be found. Since I was on a time crunch, I decided to proceed. I realized that I needed help. I asked a senior couple walking by if they knew the computer well, they said, "NO". As I rounded the corner by the elevator, I noticed two missionaries dressed in their casual clothes dusting and cleaning. I said, "Elders, do either of you know lots about the computer and could help me print off my tax returns?" The tallest elder said his companion was a majoring in computer science and would be the perfect person to help me. I was delighted. I explained to the elders that I had downloaded Turbo Tax on my computer, but I needed to hook Linda's printer into my computer. They crawled on the floor and found the right cord and attached it to my laptop. Now I was feeling much better. Just then Linda walked into her office with a box of donuts and a laundry bag full of blue dusting cloths. She greeted us and was happy I had started on my project. I went to the end of Turbo Tax and they said I would save my work on my computer. I was overjoyed that I finally had saved my tax returns to my desktop. We tried to print the tax returns and nothing happened. We realized that we needed an administrative password to download the printer to my laptop. Now with a saved document, we were set. The Elder put the document on my flashdrive and inserted it into Linda’s computer. We reattached the printer to her computer and hurray it printed. I was thrilled and overjoyed. The reason this was such a big deal was that in England all the electricity is 220 and the paper is thinner and longer. I was afraid the the Turbo Tax format wouldn’t recognize the smaller/ longer paper so I know that I would need to complete this task before I left the states. As I set their folding the blue rags with the elder who wasn’t working on the computer, he asked me where I was from and I told him Mesa, Arizona. He got a big grin on his face. He and his companion were both from Mesa and had attended Red Mountain High school, but never really knew each other. They are Elder Ficklin and Elder Buckley. Elder Ficklin is from the Thunder Mountain Ward and knows Lachelle and Mark.  What a blessing that these two elders were cleaning in the lobby this morning. The Lord knows our needs and provides the way for us to accomplish our righteous desires.

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