Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bolsover Castle

We went to see Bolsover Castle in the rain with Elder and Sister Allen. 
It was very informative because we each had an audio guide. 

Riding House stables which celebrates the legacy of
William Cavendish and his passion for horses. 

Old castle

Hercules above the door

The castle's old wooden door

A wedding was going to be held in this room later that day.



Black and white fireplace with a black and white tiled floor




Bedroom with a bathroom through the left door


Look who I found going down the stairs

Outside looking down on the garden with a Venus fountain.  
You could walk on top of the wall if was about 5 feet wide.

Original reddish castle door

Allen's in the courtyard

Elder Wilson in front of the ruins and the stable

Check out this rounded door in the rectangular opening with moss, old ivy roots, and a small tree
 growing out the top above our umbrella.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Hartlepool


Missionary Couples Johansson-Gebhardt-Pilkington-Brinkerhoff-Wilson-Gibb-Allen
We visited the HMS Trincomalee, the oldest British warship afloat and it is in Hartlepool  
off the North Sea and then we had a wonderful dinner after watching the first session of General Conference at Elder and Sister Gebhardt's home. 


 Flintlock pistol demonstration

Cannon demonstration


Lunch at Fish Face

Elder Wilson with Jack Sparrow---arrrrr

Sister Wilson with a crewman

Print shop



Fighting Ships audio and visual tour

Captain's room

Captain's quarter

30 cannons
Watch out!  Look who's steering the ship!

Wilsons on deck

sleeping in a hammock

playing cards

Huge rope

Copper room for gun powder

Gun powder

The head

Fabric store

Village cart

  North Sea on a beautiful day!

Elder Reese Jeppsen and Sister Irene Jeppsen are from Wyoming. 
They leave on 14 October 2013.  They will be sorely missed along
with their yummy cinnamon rolls, fossils, and glass gems.

Sister Jeppsen models her fastenator. 

Sister Kay Louise Wilson and Elder Edmund Wilson from New Zealand and the UK. 
They go home 26 October 2013.  They will be dearly missed!

Shirley Howe-Kathleen-Susan Gebhardt

Sister Susan Gebhardt and Elder Michael Gebhardt invited us to their home.
 We watched the first session of General Conference and enjoyed a lovely meal.