Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spofforth Castle and All Saint's Church

George Wilson (the oldest Wilson relative) was married in Spofforth.  All of his children were born in the beautiful town. 

Spofforth Castle  

It was the principal Percy seat until the late 14th century. William de Percy, a favorite of William the Conqueror, built a manor house here in the 11th century, although nothing remains of this earlier building. Reputedly it was here that rebel barons drew up Magna Carta in 1215.

In 1224 Henry III granted a licence to a later William de Percy to hold a Friday market in the town and in 1308 Henry de Percy received a licence to fortify the manor house.

During the Wars of the Roses the Percys supported the House of Lancaster. Following the battle of Towton in 1461 the victorious Yorkist side, led by the Earl of Warwick, marched on Spofforth, burning the castle and plundering the local countryside. The castle lay in ruins for nearly 100 years until 1559, when it was restored by Henry, Lord Percy. By this time, however, the seat of the Percys had shifted to Alnwick (where Harry Potter was filmed) in Northumberland.

The last recorded occupant was the castle steward Sampson Ingleby, who died in 1604. The castle was finally reduced to ruin during the Civil War. In 1924 Charles Henry, Baron Leconfield, transferred ownership of the site to the state by deed of gift.

David is standing on the back side of Spofforth Castle.



Beginnings in Bramham

George Wilson who married Jane Eden on
 17 April 1759 in Spofforth was from Bramham.
Village signpost along Toulston Lane on the way to Tadcaster.


Seniors (Concessions) Meeting house along the river

All Saints Church in Bramham dates back to Norman times



Linton is a small, beautiful town where many wealthy live. 
In 1846, George Cumberland Wilson Sr. was born in Linton.

Linton Memorial Hall



Saturday, June 22, 2013

Harewood House & All Saint's Chapel

We drove thru this archway to enter the Harewood House Estate,
Gardens, Bird Garden & Chapel.


Terrace in the backyard


Standing at the end of the Terrace overlooking the lake on a rainy day

Kitchen in the middle 

Kitchen on the left

Kitchen on the right

Sharilyn is ready to work in the kitchen.

David wearing a small top hat.


 After seeing the kitchen and the maids quarters we entered the front door of the Harewood Home.

Bedroom-Chippendale's most expensive bed design in the home.
The house had one of the largest collections of Chippendale furniture.



Macaw from Brazil

Kookaburra from Australia 


Ugly Duckling---will turn into a Swan

Flamingos from Chile

Wild Pheasant

Huge trees everywhere!



David sitting in a chair with part of the family crest on the back--muzzled white bear