Friday, February 15, 2013

Flying and Arriving in England

Chicago Airport
Friday, February 15, 2013, after breakfast, we took the shuttle from the MTC to the Salt Lake City Airport.  We had fun talking to family on the phone just before we flew out.  It took almost three hours to fly to Chicago.  When we landed we taxied by the President of the United States 747 Plane Air Force One.  It looked just like the pictures on TV.  Even though we had heavy carry-ons and personal items, we were able to maneuver through the Chicago Airport just fine. We walked about a half of mile to our next gate and had plenty of time (2 hours) to make the change. It was fun to call more family on the cell phone just before we left.  
Preston England Temple


Preston Missionary Training Center

It t took almost 8 hours to fly to the Manchester Airport.  We felt so blessed to arrive safely in the “ Mother Land” on Saturday morning 7:45 am England Time.   We had some English pounds so we could rent a cart when we arrived in Manchester Airport. We needed all the help we could get. President and Sister Lindley along with his assistants Elder Weitzel and Gee greeted us at the exit gate. The Elders took our luggage home in their car and the President and Sister Lindley took us in their car with our personal items.

Chatburn Stream
Then we spent several hours with the President and his wife seeing the Preston MTC, Preston Temple, and going to the stream where Heber C. Kimball baptized members of the church years ago in Chatburn. President Lindley conducted a beautiful devotional by the stream and David and I said a silent prayer dedicating ourselves to the Lord's work. It was a spiritual experience as we felt we were on sacred soil.  They drove us to Downham and saw an old church and graveyard there.  We even found a bench by a stream that said, “Presented to the citizens of Downham 25 July 1987 in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Great Britain and the many early Church members from the Ribble Valley.”  We could feel that the early members of the Church dedicated to the truths they had been taught.  President and Sister Lindley drove us to their beautiful home and we ate a delicious lunch.  She had prepared a traditional English dish, cottage pie.  We enjoyed every minute getting to know President and Sister Lindley.  We feel blessed to be serving with them. 

       About 2 pm, the President drove us to meet Elder Randy and Sister Gayla Brinkerhoff.  We will be stay with them for ten days until the Barron’s leave and our flat and car will be available.  They have a larger home so they can house and feed missionaries as they enter or leave the mission. The assistants live on the 3rd floor with a large bedroom and bathroom. The Brinkerhoff’s live on the 2nd floor where there are 2 extra bedrooms to house missionaries, a bathroom and laundry room with the dryer and ironing board. The 1st floor has a living room, formal dining room, large kitchen with the washing machine. It is so nice and comfortable. 
Sunday, February 17, we slept in because the Leeds 2 Ward didn’t start until 2 pm.  Elder Gary and Sister Lorraine Barron picked us up for church.  David and I were asked to bear our testimony in Sacrament Meeting.  We enjoyed meeting the ward members.  When the Relief Society President met me, the first thing she asks was if I played the piano.  I told her that I always get flustered when people start singing and I am playing the piano, but I would be willing to play the top hand.  She was over joyed.  So I played the piano in Relief Society.  After church, the Elder and Sister Barron took us to their flat which would become our flat in ten days.  She invited Elder and Sister Brinkerhoff over for a delicious dinner.  We had so much fun being together as couples.  They are wonderful missionaries.

4 Brownberrie lived for 2 weeks

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