Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Newcastle Christmas Party

 Tuesday, 17 December, was our first England Leeds Christmas Party held in Newcastle with the Sunderland, Newcastle and Billingham Zones.  After we played a few games, we ate pizza, veggies and had Christmas cake. The highlight of each Christmas Party was President and Sister Pilkington, Elder Mosley and Elder Goodwin's talent was first.  They were electronic "Elves" and were a BIG hit and first place winners at each party!  


Sister Pilkington ready to cut the Christmas cakes.


Elder Santa Claus (Elder Hoxha) has no money so he spins his red plate.

Elder Santa Claus turns the plates into a collection plate.

 Elder Trassierra sang in Chinese with his companion Elder Liu. 


Sister Lybbert, Monroe, Nigido, Nielson sang
original lyrics to several Christmas songs.

After attending Alnwich Castle,
Sister Scott instructed sisters on how to fly on a broom.


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