Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celebrating Christmas in England

Our Christmas tree at our
new home in Cookridge.

English Bobby tin and
3 Christmas Crackers
(They pop when you open them
and there is a crown, joke and small toy inside)
Leeds 2 Primary Christmas Party
14 December 2013



Helena won pin the nose on the snowman


Christmas crackers and lots of food

Father Christmas

Primary Children

 Angela and every child received a gift from Father Christmas

Leeds 2nd Ward Primary Presidency
 2nd Counselor=Jeanette Bolton
1st Counselor=Sister Wilson
President=Jackie Jackson

22 December Christmas Caroling
Sister Zurcher-Kuhn-Wilson-Edgington-Wynder 
We carried on our Christmas caroling tradition by singing to 18 new neighbors. 
We gave them all a chocolate from our Celebrations candies and a card with our picture and address. 
They were very surprised because Christmas carolers in the UK are singing for money. 
They all tried to give us money but we gave them a sweet treat instead. 
Elder Schwarzkopf-Jaeger-Sister & Elder Wilson-Elder Thompson-Short
The Elders also helped us Christmas Carol.

Christmas mincemeat pies

Christmas Eve at 11:30 p.m. we attended a service at the St. Peter's Church
in Leeds, now called the Leeds Minster. 
This is the church where David's relatives were christened and married.

Inside they had life size manikins of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus

also shepherds

and 3 Wisemen with a camel

Christmas morning

The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. 
It was such a blessing to be serving Him each day!

We had a glorious simple Christmas.
Here are our gifts given to us from others.


Andrew and Louise Poulter with their daughter Amy

Cajun fish cakes were served with the salad.

Pigs in a blanket-dressing rolled in bacon


Brussel sprouts with mushrooms and chestnuts

Amy ready for the Christmas day feast in the Poulter's new conservatory.

Sam and Norma (Collins) Cartwright

Louise Collins Poulter-Rosie Collins -Debra Collins
Collins Sisters

Elder and Sister Wilson in their crowns



Yummy Christmas dinner-turkey, gamon (ham) carrots,
brussel sprouts, pigs in a blanket, parsnips,
potatoes and sparkling apple juice

Trifle was the delicious dessert!


26 December 2013
We ate lunch at Andrea and Ken Mccormac's home.

Barometer his grandfather received after working.

 bell collection

We had a great afternoon playing games and watching a dance competition. 
Ken is the Ward Mission Leader and has a beautiful singing voice.

Fun cupcakes at the mall


Elder Mosley's Christmas package came a little late.

It was well worth the wait because it was
FULL of American cereal, pop tarts, and candy!

All these chocolate bars came from Elder Mast's parents in Switzerland.

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