Saturday, May 4, 2013

Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

Housed in what was once the world's largest woollen mill, Leeds Industrial Museum houses a wealth of gems located in a beautiful riverside setting. Step back in time to learn about the industrial history of Leeds from manufacturing textiles and clothing to printing, engineering and locomotives, which the city was world famous for.   The Armley Mills started small in 1707 and was bought and sold many times until it finally closed it doors in 1969.  In recognition of its historic importance was bought by Leeds City Council, re-opening in 1982 as Leeds Industrial Museum. 

  • Wool had to be bleached to remove impurities
  • Carding-preparing the wool by combing the strands of wool
  • Spinning-twisted the wool fibers to make long threads
  • Winding onto bobbins of thread
  • Weaving into woven fabric
  • apping-using a machine with teasels on it to make the fabric fluffy 



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