Friday, May 24, 2013

Couples Specialized Training in Preston

We had a delicious dinner at the President & Sister Lindley's home.

Elder and Sister Johansson

Sister Lindley's training

President Lindley's training
President Lindley in his top hat.

Sister Lindley prepared a yummy breakfast Saturday morning. 

Elder and Sister Olson are ready for the coach ride to Preston.

Elder and Sister Brinkerhoff are relaxing in the back.

Elder and Sister Jeppsen are enjoying the ride.

President & Sister Lindley are at the front of the coach.

Elder and Sister Gebhardt enjoy the front seats on the right.

Elder and Sister David Wilson are ready for the adventure in Preston and Liverpool.

Peter was our personal tour guide for two hours on our walking tour of Preston.

This is the flat where Gordon Hinckley lived when he was a missionary in Preston.

Peter showed us where the Cock Pit use to be
 where the first Conference was held

Town Crier
Carriage entrance

This is the obelisk  were President Hinckley stood in the town center to preach the Gospel

Wilfred Street Lodging (south-west corner of Wilfred & Fox Streets) where
Elder Heber C. Kimball and his missionary companions  stayed when they arrived in Preston on 22 July 1837

This is the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in England.


There is a beautiful Avenham Park that is close to the Ribble River.
 It has a Japanese Garden where several plaques about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

RIVER RIBBLE where the first Saints were baptized on 30 July 1837

England Leeds Mission Couples
Brinkerhoffs-Jeppsons-Gebharts-Lindleys-Bonds-E. Wilsons-D. Wilsons-Johanssons-Olsons
"Happy are we!"
Sister Kay Wilson-Elder Edmond Wilson with Elder & Sister Wilson

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