Saturday, March 1, 2014

2 Baptisms & 2 Missionaries

baby Claire-Clara-Janete-Sister Wilson  

Elder Kruse-Clara & Janete -Evelise,Helena,Neto, Wagner Nakaoshi-Elder Newman
Janete and her mother, Clara were baptized by Neto
Janete holding her card and new CTR ring with Sister Wilson

Stanley going to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission and
Nathan Facey going to the Georgia Atlanta Mission
with Bishop Mark Kendall at their going away party.


Josh Kendall-Stanley-Nathan-Neto Ribeiro Nakaoshi
Chifokoyo Family
Chelsea-Susan-Stanley-Christabell & Angela

Melonie & Ruth Phiri
Wagner Nakaoshi's 42nd Birthday Cake Brazil Style

 Evelise with Helena Nakaoshi


Janet & Stuart Gardner


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