Saturday, August 24, 2013

Charming Chatsworth

Sister Wilson, Gibb, Brinkerhoff and Allen ready for a fun day at Chatsworth

Elder Wilson, Brinkerhoff, Allen and Gibb came too!


Live strings quartette added to the atmosphere in the Great Hall

Ceiling painting in the Great Hall

Huge Julius Caesar painting high in the Great Hall

Small balconies in  the Great Hall

Table in the Great Hall

Huge Amethyst about 3 feet tall

Unique rock collection

Oak Room


Oak room had small paintings around the entire room and

Model shows the enormous size of Chatsworth


Chairs in the chapel

Huge stone foot

Large tub


Staircase down to the Great Hall

Suspended stairs up to the 3rd Floor

3-D painting

Above the stairs

Gorgeous Dining Room


Rembrandt Painting

Antoine Watteau's painting


Painting on a plate


Curling Irons


Banana Plant painted on the wall paper represents the bananas
they grew in their greenhouse.

Standing on the small balcony above the Great Hall

Beautiful Library
Massive beautiful gardens

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