Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trip to Temple Newsam


We went to Temple Newsam, which is a mansion built on 1500 acres, with the Elder and Sister Brinkerhoff.  There were rolling green hills, huge trees, flowers in full bloom, a pond, stables, farm, and mansion on the property.  People and families of all ages flocked to enjoy the sunshine and be in this incredible environment. 

Temple Newsam north wing
Temple Newsam front courtyard

Looking out the south wing window onto the scrub garden.

Arched walkway in the scrub garden
Rolling hills of green grass for families to enjoy.

We went on a special tour and saw the basement and cellar.

The mansion bells used to inform servants
where they were needed. 


Left-The servants went through this 50 yards tunnel to reach the south wing.
Right-Elder & Sister Brinkerhoff and David in the Cella


Chinoiserie Silver Centerpiece of 1759
Great Hall on Ground Floor ready for a wedding

Ready for the wedding

Coat of Arms above the fireplace



The Five Daughters (of Charles, ninth Viscount Irwin) painted by Benjamin Wilson

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Italian painter Matthias Stomer 1600-1656
This was a beautiful picture but this snapshot doesn't compare to the original.

The Rhododendrons were in full bloom and a beautiful sight to behold!


Geraniums in the greenhouse

Orange and White Geraniums

Bird of Paradise


What a beautiful day to be outdoors enjoying Heavenly Father's vegetation!

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  1. My oh my. What a lovely experience. AND LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!