Saturday, April 6, 2013

Knaresborough Castle and Allerton Castle

Knaresborough Castle Mosaic of the History 1331-1644

Knaresborough Castle is situated at the top of a large cliff, with a commanding view of the River Nidd and the Forest of Knaresborough. The castle ruins do not convey its important role in the development of the English nation. For most of its history, Knaresborough Castle has been in royal control, and it has retained this long tradition to the present day. It is now in the possession of the Crown, as part of the Queen's inheritance of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Remains of Knaresborough Castle


Sister Lindley & Brinkerhoff on the cobblestone street
Oldest Chemist's Shop 1720 is now a Candy Shop




Father time on the bench with us
Lunch at Drakes Fish & Chips
Is that an English man standing on the corner?

Thatched roof home
Old Mansion House along the River Nibb

Home built against the rock wall
Carport fo the Jaguar owner of  the rock wall home

Allerton Castle


Allerton Castle backyard

Allerton Castle Garden

They were having a wedding so we couldn't tour the castle



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